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SmartFCA is divided into five workpackages:

• WP1

(resp. K. Bertet, A. Napoli)

Foundational support for a library of FCA algorithms

  • Design of a library of FCA algorithmic and interoperable components
  • Design of pattern structure components for complex data
  • Study of FCA extensions, pattern structures and related formalisms (subgroup discovery, exceptional model mining)

• WP2

(resp. F. Le Ber, S. Ferré)

Foundations, algorithms and methodology of relational extensions of FCA

  • Study of complementary approaches (RCA and Graph-FCA)
  • Design of new integrated approaches unifying Pattern Structures and the relational paradigm
  • Algorithms and Design of an interface for guiding domain experts with Graph-FCA, RCA, and Pattern Structures

• WP3

(resp. M. Huchard, C.Demko)

Centralizing platform (micro-services architecture, REST-ful APIs)

  • Design of a global architecture and data exchange formats
  • Atomic services for data access and FCA calculation
  • Services developed in WP1, WP2 and WP4
  • Facilitate the building of web and standalone applications

• WP4

(resp. M. Kaytoue, P. Martin)

The variety of partner use cases will serve as the experimental ground for designing the steps and the procedures supporting a common methodology. The specific use cases will be studied and a user manual will be prepared.

• WP5

(resp. M. Huchard)

Project supervision, management and dissemination.